Middle Sister Perks

I am child three of four in my family. Which means I should have a really terrible middle child complex. I don't even get the "middle child" title all to myself for goodness sake. I have to share it. If asked who among us is the drama queen, all three of my sisters would point … Continue reading Middle Sister Perks


A Better YOLO

Now don't get me wrong, I say "YOLO" (translation: "You Only Live Once") way more than I should as an educated individual with a pretty extensive vocabulary, and I probably won't be stopping any time soon. But this is my favourite song at the moment and I think it says it better: "Follow Your Arrow" … Continue reading A Better YOLO

What’s Not To Love?

When I attended orientation day for new graduate students this September I was given a blank white name tag and told to write down 3 things: my name, my program, and a hobby and/or interest. Name and program were easy: Laura, MA Children's Literature. But then I got to the "hobby and/or interest" part and … Continue reading What’s Not To Love?

Keep Your Friends Close

Contrary to what that very leading title may have you assuming, this post has nothing to do with enemies (that mention doesn't count). Don't feel bad if you made that assumption though, it's my fault for using half a cliché. I am, however, going to talk about friends. Primarily, the fact that I have this … Continue reading Keep Your Friends Close

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Like Ever

I somewhat recently discovered Thought Catalog, which is essentially a blog with multiple authors who share their thoughts on, well, everything. I've read some pretty great posts but none of them resonated quite as strongly as the one I read yesterday called "Breaking Up With A Friend Is Harder Than Breaking Up With A Significant … Continue reading We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Like Ever