Thank You

[EDIT: Over 200 250 views on my page today thanks to the "'Pretty Girl'" post. Y'all really are the best.] I just wanted to write this as a thank you for the overwhelmingly positive reaction to "'Pretty Girl'." You know that quote that goes something like "speak the truth, even if your voice shakes"? That's how I … Continue reading Thank You


“Pretty Girl”

Disclaimer: This is something I have struggled to articulate for a very long time. And posting it puts me at the risk of extreme vulnerability, but I started this blog to share my thoughts, which are most easily expressed when I can write them out. So, after much debate, I've decided to take the risk and … Continue reading “Pretty Girl”


So last night I posted "Stay Golden" which included this line, "[A] frightened and confused 18-year-old high school senior feeling that deciding which university to attend was the biggest decision I would ever make in life (in retrospect, although it is an important decision, it is nowhere near as magnanimous as it feels at the … Continue reading Perspective

Stay Golden

This year Homecoming at Wilfrid Laurier University, my alma mater, is September 27th-29th. This is something I just instinctively knew. Homecoming at The University of British Columbia, the institution I currently attend? Apparently it was last weekend. I missed it. There are multiple contributing factors here: 1. Being a graduate student does not warrant the … Continue reading Stay Golden