I’m Moving!

Well, my blog is anyway. I've decided to re-launch FreeFallingForAWhile under my own independent domain. You can expect more of the same content, though the intention is that it will be a lot more regular. You can now find me at: FreeFallingForAWhile.com and on Facebook here.


A little while ago, during my daily Internet escapades, I came across this quote: "it makes me so happy seeing selfies that say ‘i felt cute today’ or ‘hair game strong’ it’s so good to love yourself and it’s also so hard to love yourself don’t let anyone tell you differently you’re allowed to admit you’re … Continue reading #selfie

Music Memories

Recently, I've been thinking about the way that music can trigger memories. I'm sure there is some kind of scientific term or psychological study for the phenomenon, but I'm simply going to refer to it as "music memory." There are so many examples of this for me. My favourite example, however, is the way that the Billy Ray … Continue reading Music Memories